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Lawn care

Fresh Sod

Rejuvenate the look of your property with a new layer of green sod, tree and/or hedge planting and much more.

lawn care


Lawn Care Servies

At grassPros, we are dedicated to maintaining the health and colour of your grass from season to season. Lawn care is our specialty.


Garden Beds

Sometimes a little colour is all you need. We can help you select the right plant combination for your garden creation.

Lawn care REFERRAL Program

We are happy to offer a free lawn care service to any new clients that can refer three of their friends to us. Once they sign up, your lawn care service becomes FREE!
Please make sure to fill out the correct information, this information will not be shared with any other third party and will be intended for internal use only. Conditions apply, contact for more information.

Our Team


Some jobs are tougher than others, that’s why we’re here to help.
Lawn care and grass cutting are what we do best.


Installing new sod is just some of our lawn care services and is done regularly. Sod can be delivered and installed on the same day.


Our lawn care customers often ask how to decorate and add life to their properties. For that, we recommend our hedge and tree planting services.

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About Us

Our team is here to serve the community. We deliver top lawn care services, leaving you with greener as well as healthier lawns. Our grass cutting services earned us the name grassPros and we will continue to satisfy our customers.