The summer is fast approaching and though starting too early isn’t always necessary, we compiled a list of tasks that we perform for our clients as we get them prepared for the summertime.

lawn care

Remove dirt and debris

Spring clean-up is the perfect opportunity to get rid of all unnecessary garbage and debris that might have accumulated or was blown over during storms. Our staff is always careful to scan over the whole property and collect anything that was trapped under the snow.

Trimming flowers and Plants

Depending on the type of vegetation you have on your property, we always recommend trimming bushes and hedges in springtime to allow for new growth and encourage new flowering branches. Getting rid of old dead plants will create more room for the neighbouring plants.

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Grass cutting & Seeding

Spring cleaning is the first chance to give your yard a fresh cut. It’s also a good time to add some grass fertilizer along with seeding to really kick start the new growth.


In order to create a more luscious green lawn, we encourage our clients to use our aeration services. It will allow your yard to breathe and increase root growth.

PH Testing & Preparing for cultivation

If you’re a gardener or would like to start gardening, it’s very important to test your soil before adding anything to it. Especially if you plan to plant fruits or veggies.

Mulch and Edging

Whenever you wish to create a more visually appealing yard, it’s important to create proper separation between the different sections of your property. Edging is a great way to do just that while adding mulch will improve the fertility and health of the soil.

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Let’s get in Touch

We’d like to answer any of your questions.

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